From the Province to the City

Β “The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page.”

— Saint Augustine —

From province to city, wherever you go as long as you you take your heart with you, you can probably reach the place you wanted to visit.

Living in the province would make you wonder how does the city works or how does it looks. The moment I stepped Ninoy Aquino International Airport, I was really amazed to see big buildings around me. I then thought that it is really different from our place. And that people living in Manila are somehow more indulge in the things we have not yet experienced in the Province.

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Where Do Happy Hearts Go?

People tend to rant something about love with a caption “Where do broken hearts go?”.Β Does it makes sense? Are the people who were broken can go to those places? How about those who are happily in love–

Baguio City is the one place in the Philippines I always dreamed of living in. Imagine all these –clear blue morning skies, foggy afternoons, and chilly romantic evenings.

Last February 11, 2016 we went to the City of Pines which is BAGUIO CITY. On our way to Baguio City the weather is still sunny but when we were close to Baguio it became cooler. So the moment we stepped down from the bus I can feel that coldness.

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