What had happened?

Sitting on a couch trying to keep my self busy for nothing. yet twas indeed a job well done, but why is this? Why am I feeling this guilt? guilt of doing something wrong .. twas only a video and why the hell i cant make it right. it was painful .. seems like im studying for nothing, am i this dumb? yes i passed all the subjects with high grades but why am i feeling this? please dont make me feel stupid. please don’t.

8 months ago and I felt like stupid. There are things that’s beyond our control. Move on! Don’t let your past hinder you from doing new things. 4b4b316dcab4a9db9d81974e79caa1f6


Pressured to be Perfect

Are you pressured to be perfect? wanted to be perfect? needed to be perfect? These questions are commonly on my mind. Last night when I was having my bathe, I then wondered if what’s the feeling of being perfect. I mean, do I have to be perfect? So, I thought that being perfect doesn’t mean that you have to have all the luxury, the most beautiful face, or the sexiest body. All you have to do to look or feel perfect is just to be yourself. Embrace your flaws, whatever it may be. Your flaws won’t determine how perfect you are.

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Body Conscious? A guide to Body Accpetance


Having different body shapes could somehow be difficult to deal with especially with others being a body conscious. Thin? Fat? Malnourished? Obese? those are the labels you can possibly hear from others. Have you ever wondered why you, yourself is somehow affected with those labels. Imagine, those words are just labels wherein fact it won’t define who you really are.

Teenagers nowadays are becoming sensitive when it comes to their body shape. They tend to look more sexier than others. Some of them looks 20 yrs. old where in fact they’re still 16 yrs. old — However, being a body conscious doesn’t always mean that you don’t like your body. It’s just that you’re not used of it. Basically, you have to accept your body shape whatever it may be.

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