From the Province to the City

Β “The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page.”

— Saint Augustine —

From province to city, wherever you go as long as you you take your heart with you, you can probably reach the place you wanted to visit.

Living in the province would make you wonder how does the city works or how does it looks. The moment I stepped Ninoy Aquino International Airport, I was really amazed to see big buildings around me. I then thought that it is really different from our place. And that people living in Manila are somehow more indulge in the things we have not yet experienced in the Province.


It is somehow awkward to socialize with people living in Manila because of their tone of voice which is somehow intimidating. In a way that they talk with confidence and it’s so nice to hear.

The moment I went back to Cagayan de Oro City aafter a 10 days Manila-Baguio City Trip, I then realized the advantages and disadvantages in visiting such places.


– – Like! the struggle ez real! I had a hard time talking to other people since my tagalog skills is not that good. So I suggest, better practice your tagalog because talking to someone who’s very fluent in the vernacular would make you suffer a bit!


– – What I meant is that, dress appropriately since you’re in the City so the they dress is totally different in those in the Province. Act like a Manila Girl


– -People living in Manila are really busy people, however for you to befriend them you have to be friendly but remember~ don’t be too confident!


– – Don’t pretend to be someone whom you’re not! They don’t like pretenders. Be yourself. they might or may not like you. But who cares? You don’t wake up to be liked by someone whose not deserving of your kindness!

Now~ You’re ready to fly in Manila πŸ™‚


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