Pressured to be Perfect

Are you pressured to be perfect? wanted to be perfect? needed to be perfect? These questions are commonly on my mind. Last night when I was having my bathe, I then wondered if what’s the feeling of being perfect. I mean, do I have to be perfect? So, I thought that being perfect doesn’t mean that you have to have all the luxury, the most beautiful face, or the sexiest body. All you have to do to look or feel perfect is just to be yourself. Embrace your flaws, whatever it may be. Your flaws won’t determine how perfect you are.

*Intense pressure to be “perfect at everything”

– It is undeniably that teenagers nowadays are trying to be perfect. the intense pressure coming from our society could push them to do everything just to look or feel perfect.


*Insecurities has no cure

– Insecurities has really no cure. Often times insecurities are the reason behind why does a person is trying hard to be perfect. Is it because he/she is not somehow contented of what that person is.


*Nobody’s perfect

– Bear in mind that nobody perfect. Like seriously, everyone of has do have some flaws that we wanted to diminish without even realizing how would these flaws become a strength and not a weakness.


In a nutshell, Live the way what you want it to be because later on you will realize the things the you should have do instead of trying to be perfect. It is okay to do some things that would make you seemed perfect but don’t let that perfection define you.


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