Body Conscious? A guide to Body Accpetance


Having different body shapes could somehow be difficult to deal with especially with others being a body conscious. Thin? Fat? Malnourished? Obese? those are the labels you can possibly hear from others. Have you ever wondered why you, yourself is somehow affected with those labels. Imagine, those words are just labels wherein fact it won’t define who you really are.

Teenagers nowadays are becoming sensitive when it comes to their body shape. They tend to look more sexier than others. Some of them looks 20 yrs. old where in fact they’re still 16 yrs. old — However, being a body conscious doesn’t always mean that you don’t like your body. It’s just that you’re not used of it. Basically, you have to accept your body shape whatever it may be.

So here’s a guide to body acceptance.

* Know your weight

– It is important to know your weight for you to be aware of it. Sometimes when we’re fan of eatingand  we tend to forget our weight then later on we regret of not taking control of our weight. I can still remember when I was on my secondary years I was very very thin. Even though I ate a lot, my weight is not gaining. But everything have changed when I took college, my appetite is really big I then became a rice eater.

* Be aware of what you eat

– Knowing what you eat makes you aware of what are the foods that would make you fat nor thin. Be mindful of what you put to your mouth. Always remember “masarap ang bawal”

*Learn to say NO to FOODS

– Foods = Temptations, I do believe that foods are unavoidable. In my situation, food is my partner in crime and in happiness. Every time I am sad nor happy FOOD is always my partner. Whenever I’m feeling down I tend to eat and eat. So it is important to say NO to foods.

*Love your body

– It is important to love our own body since we were the one who are in charge of our weight and body shape. If you don’t love your body then basically you’re not proud of what yo have funded.

Thus, Embracing your body is like embracing all your flaws together with your fats! Stop being body conscious and Learn to accept what your body is because at the end of the day, it’s you that matters!


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